Our Story


Welcome to the Wine Bulgaria – Ancient and Novel Land

Our idea and purpose: to make popular the local Bulgarian wine varieties, the classic wines and their blend with our local and other varieties which have received a new and hospitable living place in our country, by establishing a chain of small wine bars and shops under the BALABAN brand – countrywide and anywhere in the world where people love wine.

In these Bulgarian wine community centres you will find us – fellow wine enthusiasts and believers in the Bulgarian wines!

To support this idea we have set up also the balaban.wine internet shop, facilitating those who wish to learn something new and interesting about our country. Bulgaria has rich and century-long traditions in the wine making thanks to the incredible terroir* and the new wave of wine makers have reviewed the old fame and making some of the most interesting vine varieties in the world!


Bulgaria by the Glass

The Project


Welcome and let’s make the journey together finding and taste the best of Bulgaria by the glass!

* The list of the better known Bulgarian wine varieties includes the Melnik, Mavrud, Gamza, Misket, Rubin, Ruen, Dimyat, Tamyanka, Keratsuda and less known such as: Gergana, Storgosiya, Hebros, Aheloi, Orfei, Kokorko, Papunka…

According to Vili Galabova, one of the best experts on Bulgarian wine, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (IOV) has counted as many as 120 local Bulgarian wine varieties among the 5,916 known wine varieties in the world.