Our idea and purpose:

We would like to make the local Bulgarian wine varieties popular again, as well as the classic wines and their blend with our local and other varieties which have received a new and hospitable living place in our country. By establishing a chain of small wine bars and shops under the BALABAN brand – countrywide and anywhere in the world, one day hopefully, and the people who love wine, we would like to achieve this goal. In these Bulgarian wine community centres you will find us – fellow wine enthusiasts and believers in the Bulgarian wines!

Bulgaria has rich and century-long traditions in the wine making thanks to the incredible terroir* and the new wave of wine makers who have revived the old fame and are making some of the most interesting vine varieties in the world!

The wine bar

In 2018, Maya, Kalin & Kaloyan set out to create a neighborhood family bar with a focus on elevating the wine bar experience. Cultivating relationships with their patrons is central to their vision. Their hard work and creativity resulted in a unique establishment where locals and out of town visitors can unwind with the best wine, craft beers and tasty food, all served in an inviting atmosphere without pretense.
Located in the heart of Sofia’s art District, Balaban is a wine bar appropriate for just about any occasion. It has both a contemporary and vintage feel, where you can enjoy wines by the glass and on tap found locally from all over the country’s wine regions. We have more than 60 different wine varieties. Balaban wine bar also offers a selection of innovative craft beers on tap with a variety of delicious bar bites to keep you satisfied. You will be able to make a one of a kind wine tasting, whether you are alone or with friends – three wines of your choice from entry, medium or premium selection of Bulgarian cellars supported by meze(bites) for 20, 30 and 40BGN respectively. We also have vouchers which you could buy on our website just click on the “vouchers” sections and follow the few easy steps.

We are delighted to offer special wine events and private parties for a group or a company with indoor and outdoor seating. Please email us at: office@balaban.wine or call us+359889453356. We are open from Tuesday to Sunday 16:00-22:00.
Every day between 16:00-18:00 we have a happy hour with 10% off on all products.
Welcome to our first wine bar in Sofia at 22 Krakra Street. Discover Bulgaria by the glass!


Wondering what Balaban means? This is actually the old surname of Maya, Kalin and Kaloyan, the people behind the most cozy family wine bar in Sofia – Balaban Wine.

The etymology of the word ‘balaban’ has several meanings, the most common being ‘tall, big, talkative person’. In some parts of Bulgaria, “balaban” is associated with the craft – falconry or the cultivation of falconry. In addition to hunting, these birds are considered guardians of the wine and the vine.

There were numerous clans of Balabans and they have have historically bred the Sultan’s falcons during the Turkish rule in Bulgaria. In this way, they were exempt from taxes and were one of the leaders in the Otoman empire at that time 1300s and 1800s. Wealthy and generous, the well-known brothers Todor and Costa Balabanov donated to a number of causes, such as the April Uprising, the construction of new buildings after the Liberation of Bulgaria, financing the building of the first railway between Pernik and Radomir cities. Furthermore they provided the financing for the construction of the Lion’s Bridge in Sofia.

Balaban, however, means a lot more to us – family memory, continuity, love for all that we call Bulgarian and, above all, a return to the roots of Balabanov clan. Respecting our family’s covenant,we created this place, a small wine bar – Balaban wine bar, with the idea of reviving the forgotten Bulgarian varieties such as Dimyat, Rubin, Mavrud, Gergana, Bouquet etc.

What critics say about us?

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    star rating  Lovely wine tasting evening held at Balaban. The owners were super friendly, and communication beforehand to finalise the group booking was fast and easy. The wines were delicious and accompanied... read more

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  • star rating  If you would like to enjoy bulgarian wine and understand the Bulgarian wine spirit this is the place!


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