• By balaban.wine
  • / 22.10.2019

The vineyards and winery of Rupel Winery are located in Dolno Spanchevo, Petrich Municipality, one kilometer from the Greek border and the Rupel Gorge. The state of the art technological equipment in the cellar and the dedication to produce environmentally friendly and high-quality grapes allow the wine to be kept at a constant level.The cellar offers opportunities for tours, tastings, wine and food, participating in various holidays. The vineyards are surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the mountains Belasitsa , Pirin, Ograzhden, Ali Botush, sloping hills and green valleys. The château with the beautiful tower is located on a hill sunken by roses, cypresses and vineyards.
The courtyard and the extensive wine tasting allow large events to be organized; the holidays for Trifon Zarezan and the beginning of the grape harvest are also organized here.