• By balaban.wine
  • / 19.11.2019

How we started
It all started with an idea. Two enthusiasts decided to put their hearts into winemaking and take care of wineyards 25 years ago. To produce wine and to be the first in the region.
The passion for wine
We love wine. Our goal is to improve and develop. We aim to satisfy the tastes of our most sophisticated customers. We take inspiration from the melodious rustling of the wine leaves and the breathtaking sunsets that each evening paint our vineyards.
Petrich-Sandanski field is the sunniest and warmest Bulgarian region with a rich history and beautiful scenery, a region where viticulture has millennial traditions. We create wine with a look at the future and the current trends.
We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste&soul.
With eyes focused on the future, we create modern wine with traditional practices. We aspire to retain the venerable winemaking traditions and to make them endure through time and our customers’ taste. In our work we use of the best of our traditions and enthusiastically, passionately and professionally we make them a part of our innovations.
We have put on the market a series of wines that are well accepted both locally and internationally.
The vision of the winery is to create taste-rich and aromatic wine with own style. We choose the grapes for our vineyards after carefully assessing the climate, soil, vines, form, habitat, and grape characteristics.
The result is wines with wealth, complexity and style. They combine everything from the taste and superiority of wines from the Sandansko-Petrich region along the Struma River.