• By balaban.wine
  • / 24.10.2019

Founded in 2002, the Prisoe Family Winery aims to create high-quality craft wines. The founders, our parents Rumen and Gichka Baltadzhiev, have been the driving force behind this endeavor for nearly 17 years. In 2017, we, Stefan and Maria, began to develop the idea of the cellar, trying to continue the process of constantly maintaining the quality and creating a beautiful and elegant product for every wine lover.

At the moment, Rumen and Stefan are not only the two oenologists at the cellar, but they are entirely involved in the maintenance of vineyards as well. Responsibility and purpose of our family for the protection of the earth and care for nature, thus we manage to create a different product from the classic varieties by traditional technology.

Currently, the winery has 3 wines from the Signature series from its own vineyards. The vineyard vines are of the following varieties:
– Chardonnay – Black Sea climate and sandy soil are perfect conditions for this variety, our variant of chardonnay is distinguished by its freshness and minerality, combined with citrus fruits and vanilla.
– Cabernet Sauvignon – We are proud of our Cabernet Sauvignon, it lives extremely well here on the coast. For our vineyard the exceptional Bulgarian clone (1/11) of this variety.
– Merlot – we use this fantastic variety for our blend as well as for the amazing well-aged wines offered in the limited edition series;
Cabernet Franc – We use this fantastic variety to blend our red wines
– Traminer / Gewürztraminer / – we have a small area of this variety, which we turn into a limited series of wines for lovers of aromatic varieties.